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Keys To Inclusion
Using Soma®RPM to unlock potential since 2017 

We educate non-speaking and limited speaking individuals to communicate, learn, express their thoughts, and expand their knowledge with age-appropriate material. We believe sensory-engaging activities that connect the student to his or her open-learning channels maximizes the potential of the student to be educated at the same level as their peers, communicate opinions, and gain skills needed for greatest independence. We believe everyone should be treated with dignity and given the tools to achieve whatever dreams they have for themselves.

Our services also include teaching neurodivergent individuals, including those who are non-speaking and limited speaking, to expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of financial math and literacy. Age-appropriate business, economics, and personal finance curricula and consultations are available.

We are located in San Antonio, Texas and Level 2 certified in Soma®RPM (Soma-Rapid Prompting Method).



1:1 Local Tutoring

We offer local, in-home, age-appropriate educational services to individuals with autism. 

Virtual Sessions

Not local? We offer Zoom services and distance learning.

Lesson plans and books

Coming soon: You will be able to purchase lesson plans and books.

Amanda Dunn, Owner and Educator

San Antonio, TX

Call or Text:

(703) 405-7647

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